Shark Vacuum Cleaners

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  • Shark Navigator Lift-Away

    The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner line is now known in the home market to efficiently and effectively get rid of the unwanted dust and dirt in the house with its suction ability that is said to be much more powerful than other vacuum cleaners of different brands; and with such wonderful feature of the vacuum cleaner line, households can now be 99.9% free of the very notorious allergens which are a perennial problem in our everyday health. You can start experiencing the superior household cleaning benefits of this innovative vacuum cleaner line with the NV350 model and then go for the promised advanced professional cleaning results of the NV356E model.
  • Hoover Platinum Bagged UH300 10COM

    The Hoover Platinum Bagged UH300 10COM 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is a unique household care system that gives the dust- and dirt-ditching benefits of both an upright cleaner and a canister-type cleaner – although they actually come as two separate machines in one set and price. With the signature Hoover WindTunnel technology, dirt and dust is surely sucked-out especially on carpeted areas.
    Ordinary upright vacuum cleaners, especially the more conventional ones of the days gone by, are hard to use, maneuver, and handle with their heavy weights and bulky designs; plus they also have the suction power that is way much weaker than the vacuum cleaners of today. Disposing of collected dust and dirt is a big and messy task – it’s just like returning those unwanted particles back to your house and then re-cleaning it all over again.
  • Oreck vacuum

    The Oreck vacuum cleaner range consists of upright- and canister-type vacuum cleaners that are easy to use and effectively collect dust, dirt, and pet hair which are all major culprits of allergies in our homes. Lightweight and powerful, this brand of vacuum cleaners surely delivers the high levels of cleanliness and good health that we have always wanted for our families and our homes.
  • Electrolux oxygen canister

    The Electrolux oxygen canister stands a cut above its competition, and has made cleaning different surfaces easy and convenient. These oxygen canisters feature powerful mechanisms that are able to penetrate stubborn dirt and grime, allowing you to live among clean surroundings. The company boasts that the models from this line feature superior performance, including deep cleaning capabilities. The models’ multi-faceted motor systems allow it to perform at different power levels, letting you adjust the power with which you want to operate.
  • Shark vacuum cleaners

    The Shark brand of innovative household care tools manufactures items such as the Shark vacuum cleaners range that aid in the effective, efficient, and hassle-free cleaning of households, making such everyday chores easier to do than before. The brand’s vacuum cleaner range consists of upright cleaners, canister cleaners, cordless cleaners, and 2-in-1 steam-and-vacuum cleaners, all assuring of a dirt-free and allergen-free home for the health- and safety-conscious family.